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The Water Resources Department is responsible for the treatment and distribution of quality water to approximately 2,366 customers 365 days a year. The Jonesville water plant, located in the Yadkin River Basin, was constructed in the late 1950's. Source water is pulled from the Yadkin River by the raw water intake pumping station into an 8 million gallon reservoir.  Water then is pumped into two Micro-sand Filtration trains for treatment and sedimentation.  Processed water is then gravity fed to two conventional style filters for distribution into the system.

The Jonesville water plant was upgraded from a conventional style filtration plant with a total capacity of 518,400 mgd to the only stand alone micro-sand filtration plant located in North Carolina. The New water plant was officially put on line in February of 2013 and the plant now has the capacity of 1.0 mgd.

The Jonesville water plant is considered to be a surface water plant doubling our capacity from years prior. Average daily demand is 365,000 mgd with total storage within the system at currently 1.5 million gallons. There are an estimated 5O miles of distribution lines within the system along with 12.5 miles that serve Yadkin County along US 21 and the 421/1-77 area.

There are five Certified Water Plant Surface Operators, Three Certified Distribution Operators, and one Certified Cross-Connection/C-Well Operator currently on staff.

You can find the Annual Water Quality Report HERE.

  General Water Plant E-Mail    
  Billy Wood ORC Operator  
  Tim Collins Operator, ORC Distribution Operator, Cross Connection ORC Operator  
  Tony Wood ORC Back-Up Operator  
  Cleve Ramey Operator    

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