city ordinances
  Title I: General Provisions Title IX: General Regulations
  10. General Provisions 90. Fire Prevention Open Burning
    91. Cemeteries
  Title II: Personnel Policy 92. Recreational and Park Regulations
  20. Personnel Policy 93. Streets and Sidewalks
  21. Position Classification Plan 94. Animals
  22. Salary Schedule       Animal Restrictions
  23. Standard Application 95. Public Nuisance
  24. Travel Expense Form 96. Junked Vehicles
  25. Substance Abuse Policy Summary 97. Flood Damage Prevention
        Substance Abuse Policy 98. Address Display
  26. Request For Family and Medical Leave  
  27. Employee Warning Notice  
  28. Vehicle Use Policy  
    Title XI: Business Regulations
  Title III: Administration 110. General Business Licensing and Regulations
  30. Form of Government 111. Pool Rooms, Bowling Alleys, and Other Amusements
  31. Town Officers and Employees 112. Peddling and Soliciting
  32. Departments, Boards, and Commissions 113. Taxicabs
  33. Personnel 114. Sexually Oriented Businesses
  34. Finance and Taxation 115. Privilege License Fee Flat Rate Schedule
  35. Emergency Management  
    Title XII: General Offenses
  Title V: Public Works 130. General Offenses
  50. Garbage, Refuse and Recyclables Collection and Disposal 133. Recurring False Fire and Burglar Alarms
  51. Water and Sewer Service  
  52. Sewer Use and Pretreatment Title XV: Land Usage
  53. Water Quality Protection 150. Minimum Housing Code
  54. Water Supply Shortage 151. Trailers and Trailer Parks
  Title VII: Traffic Code  
  70. General Provisions  
  71. Traffic Regulations  
  72. Stopping, Standing, and Parking Parallel References
  73. Bicycles References to North Carolina Statutes
  74. Traffic Schedules References to 1978 Code of Ordinances
  75. Parking Schedules References to Ordinances




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